It's important to take some time out to pamper yourself while you're pregnant, and having a massage is a great way to indulge while still taking care of your mind and body.

Pregnancy Massage

Massage has been used for centuries and in many cultures to help with pregnancy, labour and the post natal period. Each session is tailored to you and your changing needs throughout your pregnancy, helping with specific issues that may arise through the 9 months.

A massage when you're pregnant can be a wonderful way to ease an aching back, stiff shoulders and sore hips. It can also pep up your mood and get those feel-good, pain-relieving endorphins flowing around your body, leaving you relaxed and refreshed.

In many parts of the world, pregnant and postnatal women are massaged regularly to promote a feeling of well-being. Massage is a drug free, non-invasive, therapy that can be used throughout pregnancy, labour and the postnatal period. Pregnancy massage is a relaxing, safe and relieving way to relax and ease pain during pregnancy.

Having regular massages during pregnancy can help you to maintain good health, relieve you of stress and worry, and help ease you through your pregnancy.

The benefits of pregnancy massage can include an ease in back, head and muscle aches and pains. There can also be a reduction in pain to the pelvic and hip area. Whilst circulation and digestion is improved, you'd expect to see lessening of stress, anxiety and fatigue.

I recommend you wait until you speak to your Midwife or GP before booking and enjoying a massage.

How do you lie on the table?

Most women find it uncomfortable to lie face down right from the start of pregnancy because of their tender, swollen breasts. And you can't lie face down on a traditional massage table once your belly has started to grow. On the other hand, it's not a good idea to lie flat on your back either, particularly once you're past mid-pregnancy, because the weight of your uterus puts too much pressure on the vein that returns blood from your legs to your heart. For this reason, I will ask you to lie down either on your side with a sheet draped across you for your modesty or a seated position, again with a sheet draped for your modesty. When you lie down on your back I will raise the back of the table up, or support you with any cushions you require to make sure you are comfortable.

If you find you have become sensitive to smells please let me know so that I may provide an unscented oil, or if you find the gentle music annoying again let me know and I will simply turn it off. Some people like to chat throughout a massage and some people like to be silent…….there is no rule on the right or wrongs, it is simply down to each person's preference, just let me know!