In Sweden, "Swedish massage" is simply known as "classic massage". That is exactly what it is - a classic treatment which represents the western standard for massage.

Swedish Massage

A massage oil will be massaged into your body with a series of strokes and techniques classic to Swedish massage. The treatment is very sensitive to pressure and takes into account the delicate or tender areas of your body, so it should be comfortable and soothing.

As part of the massage I will employ a revolutionary hands-free technique. This uses the forearms, elbows and weight of the body instead of the hands. It gives a wider area of pressure when using the forearms and a more defined area for dealing with small areas of tension with the elbows. A deeper massage can be applied thereby inducing a greater state of relaxation and allowing deeper work to be carried out without pain to the client. The experience can be similar to hands-on massage but with wider and deeper pressure.

I usually play music during massage, as it can help you to unwind. Don't be afraid to say if you'd prefer not to have it - or indeed if you're unhappy with anything else in the treatment room. Being content in your surroundings is important for relaxation and will help you sink happily into your massage.

The same goes for talking. I am very sensitive to how much my client wants to communicate and will limit or encourage conversation accordingly. Some people like to chat a bit; others don't. It doesn't matter as long as you're comfortable, relaxed and receptive. Some of my clients love a very deep massage others prefer a light more relaxing technique. During the start of the massage I will ask for your preference so that the massage is tailored to your needs.

The full body massage will probably last around 90 minutes and the back massage is for 30, 45 or 60 minutes. You'll be given time to undress privately and lie down on the massage table under the sheet and quilt cover. You don't have to be completely exposed at any point; I can uncover one bit of you at a time depending on the area I am focusing on. If you're worried about anything, don't hesitate to say so. Areas massaged in a full body massage are arms, hands, abdomen (optional) front and back of legs, feet, back, neck and shoulders.

New: Beauty Facial

A facial is not just a facial, we can all cleanse, exfoliate and put a mask on, but when you receive a facial it is an hour long completely relaxing indulgence!

It is so relaxing for some of my clients that they fall asleep during the treatment.