Thai Hand & Foot Massage originated in Thailand many hundreds of years ago and is a powerful therapy and form of therapeutic healing. The lower leg, feet and hands are incorporated in the treatment.

Thai Hand & Foot Massage

You will be required to wear loose fitting trousers that can be rolled up to the knee. I will then ask you to lie down on my massage table to proceed with the massage. I will manipulate your legs, individually, to mobilise the hip joints.

I will then massage your feet and lower legs with various massage techniques. This massage incorporates Shiatsu, Reflexology, Traditional Chinese Massage, Acupressure using a Thai massage stick, Ayverda and Yoga manipulation and massage. The feet and legs will then be covered up and I will begin the massage on your hands, again incorporating the other therapies.

This massage lasts approximately 45 minutes. Upon finishing you will be given a glass of water to help rid your body of toxins after a massage.

New: Beauty Facial

A facial is not just a facial, we can all cleanse, exfoliate and put a mask on, but when you receive a facial it is an hour long completely relaxing indulgence!

It is so relaxing for some of my clients that they fall asleep during the treatment.